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Living In The Favour Of God

The goal isn't to live forever, but to leave something that does!.

The prodigal son took from his father and squandered his inheritance, which led him to appreciate what riches he once had at his disposal. We too, can live within the confides of the favour of God and yet never fully appreciate it. 

When God builds, He builds specifically and with an inheritance in mind. Living in the favour of God, begins with the revelation of how God perceives us and how we perceive ourselves. Son or Servant? The difference is motive!  



Living In The Favour Of God #2

All we have is found in the finished work of Calvary. One cannot "take authority" for authority is given. We either have it or we don't. As we saw last week Peters revelation of who Jesus is, was the foundation stone one which we (the church) stands.

Hebrews 4:1 assures us the promise to our forefathers still stands for us today. It hasn't been "updated or modified like some software package." The promise still stands for those living in obedience to it.

Entering the rest which many fail (and have failed) to enter, requires not only obedience but a revelation of who we are in Christ - Sons and heirs of promise! 

Monthly Prayer And Fasting



FRIday 31

What a POWERFUL month we have had with amazing breakthroughs, salvation's healing's, vision ownership with a week of prayer and fasting which concluded with some powerful testimonies of personal revelation of Gods love. His miraculous provision and an emphatic presence of unity and one-ness and such heartfelt worship, which brought a tangible presence of God. Many people just wanted the fast to continue. Our desire to be a church OF prayer rather than a church which HAS prayer, makes it a priority for our church. 

UPCOMING events IN 2022:
Club 180 - Foundations Group
Focus Groups held Tuesdays
Teaching Programme Thursday
Worship Team  Wednesday
Prayer Team Sundays 


Foundations groups are based on good coffee, sensational company and practical discussion around some key topics. You don't have to be a "New Christian", but 180 is the starting point in our personal development programme.

Initially, joining a new church can be quite daunting, so 180 is a great place to connect and make friends. By providing a warm and friendly environment, your'e on your way to making great friends and building a solid foundation to your faith. For more information watch the video 

180 has a great team of people who can meet with you personally and answer any questions you may have. Held each Wednesday evening from 7:30-9:00 pm, in various homes around Auckland. Download the brochure and join. 


Each Sunday morning, (prior to our morning service which commences at 10 am), a team of people meet in the green room to pray. (9:20-9:45 am) If you have a passion to pray for our vision to reach others with the gospel; uphold our team and see God's favour in our meetings, feel free to join us.

As many of  us are studying  on Thursdays, it's a great opportunity to take advantage of the evening and combine our monthly prayer with the teaching and training group. 

Prayer must accompany our actions. There are many benefits in prayer, however; it is a spiritual discipline essential for personal growth.


courses for 2022


Registration are OPEN for semester ONE of our TWO new course that continues on our growth track for those with a desire to grow into the freedom which Christ has provided us.

Due to the nature and structure of these TWO course, we will NOT be opening it to correspondence study. The studies are challenging and will include prayer ministry support.

Those who have discovered their GIFTING(s) through last years PERSUIT OF FREEDOM - should now look at "HOW" to invest those gifting(s) into kingdom life. After all, that's the purpose of been gifted them...

These TWO courses will be lead by:

                 Ps Denise (Pastoral Care)  TUESDAY EVENINGS

                 Ps Tony    (eQUIP)              THURSDAY EVENINGS

Both courses have a practicum component in which each person participates in an area of responsibility and growth within our church vision. The practicums cover:

Pastoral care and support teams 

Teaching and training teams

Each semester has its own manual, and online data-base to identify and align each persons spiritual gifts with practical aspects of service. 

This 32 week course is covered over 4 eight week semesters, which commences in February 2021 and concludes in November. Each study requires prayerful consideration. Students of the course will learn how living by kingdom principles develops character and a faith filled life. A minimum of 80% attendance is required to participate in the presbytery.

The course is a continuance of our growth strategy, and personal development plan to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.


Discovering your "personal fit" is essential to personal growth and our "Living Essentials" course is a great place to start. Pick up our brochures, or visit our courses page and sign up now for 2021.

Vision 2022 and Beyond

Many people equate "VISION" with being something huge or dramatic. It conjures up some heavy spiritual dimension only given to the few. In fact vision is something within us all to some degree or other. It takes vision to raise a family Gods way. It takes vision to prioritise our year. It takes vision to not get bogged down with the mundane demands of life.

Vision is simply "a preferable future". "A point to head towards". "An inner motivation which empowers our day to day activities". Vision may get lost in the humdrum of life. Vision my be diverted or misdirected over time, which is why we all need to revisit again our effectiveness in living with vision.

Join our growth track which follows our vision process:

Know God Find Freedom Discover Purpose Make a Difference.

Fill in a card to find out more.

events in 2022

For daily updates, visit our facebook page or subscribe to our google calendar which is updated as things happen or change. 


 We RE-COMMENCE semester 3 of our teaching programme this month. This year we have TWO courses that build upon the pursuit of freedom course. eQUIP and Pastoral Care. The response has been good, as the them for both courses is "RELEASE" of gifts and functions. We expect to see some real heart issues addressed and a new confidence from the participants.

Later on in semester TWO, we will recommence our growth track with CLUB 180 - LIVING ESSENTIALS - and ROCK SOLID recommence. Download our "growth path" brochure and identify where you are in your personal development.


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MAY 22

We enter 2022, hopeful yet considered. Last year was an unusually difficult time in many ways for many people, but not for God. Challenges come in life at many times, and for many reasons, and not all of those challenges are negative. God has not been blind-sided by world events and His is not looking for a plan "B". 

"2022 is a time to shine." and we encourage you to consider how you can invest into the vision of Eden and the community needs around us. On February 28th, you can do this in several ways:


Online INVESTMENT ASB 12-3016-0640532:02

On the day        Offering bowlPledge card & EFTPOS

Via Mail             P.O. Box  163105 Lynfield 1443

Electronically    On site via EFTPOS


The dangers ahead

William Booth, the founder of the "SALVATION ARMY" Christian Missionary corps, was a great influence in taking the gospel into the community; and in doing so impacted many British officials and parliamentarians of his day. At the cusp of 1900's, he was asked what dangers the country and church would face in the coming decade? This was his response:


“The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell.”

William Booth 1829 -1912

ok i get it..png

The past few years have been extraordinary, for sure. We have seen rules, regulations, mandates and an increased disfavour towards those who desire to practice their faith in a public expression. Whatever way we explain it, the impact has been world-wide, not just local.

"OK I GET IT," Is a series from the book of Revelation. Navigating the first three chapters of Revelation, shows us the culture in which Apostle John received the seven messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor. They speak of the state of the churches then (CIRCA AD 30-100), until now 2022 and beyond.

There are warnings of preparedness and the likely pitfalls ahead for us all. The key warning in the book is one of "discernment". Discernment comes by knowing Gods word and living by it.


Four new focus groups this year - South - West - Central and East. Choose one today

other events coming up in 2022: 

Matthew 7:24-27


Growth Groups:

Focus Groups

Living Essentials

Kingdom Life

Rock Solid

Pastoral Care




This twelve week course forms part of our ongoing training for the Eden family, which will conclude with a prophetic presbytery with invited prophets who will speak into candidates and church life.


Our Eden Kids programme follows a balanced programme of worship, word and wholesome activities that build godly character and purposeful living.

We encourage our people to Pray and fast during the first THURSDAY of each month.

Also join us at  9:20 am - 9:50 am @ 82  The Mall Onehunga , for our pre-service prayer meeting. Please join us in seeking Gods favour and direction.

Prayer & Fasting 

Vision Partners

Prayer Points:

G610 - Community connection

Salvation - Keep them coming

Favour - With God and Man

Presence - God's enabling

Resources - To enable vision

Revelation - Clear direction

Team - Knit together in unity

Release - Workers in our vision