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Church leadership is all about people, building friendships and trust. It’s about caring for people first and foremost and then reaching our community out of a common vision and multiple strategies.

Vision without a plan is like a ship without sails. Visionaries need nuts and bolts people, administrators and above all, people who love people for what they are, not what they can get out of them. If you have a passion to build and be part of a fantastically caring team, here are a few ways you can do that:

Firstly, we believe in the principle of shepherding the flock in our care, personally and with our team. We are committed to the process of discovering and developing each persons gift or call and releasing it in the service of  our kingdom vision and expression. Our Strategy process is five fold:


To draw people to Jesus and  partnership in his Church, by the process of equipping to serve, 3. through God given passion, and life purpose which brings praise to God.

People Empowering - Coaching

We are privileged to be part of a church that has growth central to its vision and mission. So much is talked about growth and reaching the un-churched, that we often forget that it all begins with ourselves.


¹We will never impact our world without FIRST being impacted ourselves. 1 John 9:23,


Reaching others with the power of a changed lifestyle and future assurance is perhaps the greatest honour known to man, and certainly the greatest assurance for a future in which we can be instrumental in securing for ourselves and others.     

Our Women and Mens Ministry

The primary focus of these ministries is to build strong relationships out of friendship and a desire to build positive community connections. Our woman's ministry "Girlfriends" meets several times a year led by Pastor Denise.

Throughout the year there will be specific events focused on building a strong team spirit and friendships. Spirit, Soul and Body.3 John 2

Our Men's ministry is led by Pastor Tony. There are so many aspects to a men's group, but ultimately they foster connection and encouragement. Presently, we are in a practical hands on focus of maintenance of our facility and food.

Community Groups

Psalm 127 instructs us to build Gods way and according to His plan. We can never impact our cities, whilst our families lay in waste. This Process starts with us taking personal responsibility to grow spiritually. Self government is the starting point in impacting our world.


As we grow personally, so does our family. When our families are in order, it reflects in our local communities and city. When we impact our community, the kingdom expands and our Nations are changed. 

For many of us, the first real family we may experience is our church, and for this reason we exist.

In 2018/19 we hosted several new initiatives in our new facility, and we will continue to build strong connections with our local community.

  • Nightlife  Cafe - Themed Food and Talent Evening

  • Special Mothering Sunday 

  • Mid-Winter Feast Night

  • Christmas Concert and Give-Away

Our next events will be our Christmas "nightlife" cafe, held on the night of December 6th 7:00-9:30 pm, followed by our annual Christmas Give-Away, Sunday 15th December from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Kid's Ministry

Children our our future. The most innovative ministry we need in church life is our kids ministry. It should never be a babysitting service, but a place where the transforming life of Christ should be taught and experienced.

Developing character, and Godly values whilst having an awesome time, is our focus. Children are our potential leaders and our kids programmes are committed to supporting parents in equipping their kids to live in a the world around them.

Small Groups Ministry

We are a church OF small groups, rather than a church WITH small groups. The bigger we get the harder we work to focus on the individual. 

Our philosophy is simple; our care network is as effective as those around you: 


A focus group is a common interest group (fellowship, support)

A growth group is for personal development (teaching, training)

A corporate group is for leadership / skill development

Pastoral Support

Hospital or Army, which one are we?


Actually we are both. The local church is Gods family expression to the world:

A dream centre and place of refreshing and renewed hope.

A safe family environment where each person can be equipped and enabled to achieve our God given purpose. 

All ministry in God is toward restoration and wholeness.We serve God as an expression of our love and thankfulness for His restorative work in and through us.

Sharing that love is the church in action Romans 12:1-2

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